Sunday, October 20, 2019

When "The Big Dark" Comes To Town!

The Big Dark

I swore when my husband and I retired that we were not going to sit around for the rest of our lives talking about the weather...not me, not us, no way! Sigh!

Twenty-two years later the subject just keeps coming up over and over. Now it seems that all those things like weather-talk and having the newspaper read out loud to me have become a comfort zone of sorts. I did tell you that my husband likes to read out loud and I am the person that is suppose to be listening didn’t I? If I didn’t now you know.

So, this last week he noticed an article posted in the Seattle Times about "The Big Dark". He read it out loud to me so I know stuff. The Big Dark is that weather system that settles in over the Seattle each year about this time. Seattle is located on the Puget Sound waters and all their life Seattleites endure about 9 month of gray skies. That marine lawyer just will not go away!

Being the really nice guy that he is, he needed to share the news article with friends in the Seattle area and tease them a little about deciding to stay in the northwest until after Thanksgiving.

It worked because he Got Them...they have changed their plans and are coming to Arizona a month earlier. I may not listen to him but other people sure do!

Do you do Weather Talk?



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  2. Thank you so much as you have been willing to share information with us. We will forever admire all you have done here because you have made my work as easy as ABC. Javbus


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