Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Big Question?

Are you having fun?
I talked to a newly retired couple on Sunday. We were tasting wine here in Portland and sat down next to them. We visited about, travel, wine (of course) and retirement.

I found myself asking the question that every retiree gets...What do you do all day?

During their married life they had lived in Japan so there was that. I am hoping that they will find that to be an inspiration for more...more of everything.

They had only been retired since April and admittedly they were just figuring it out. The newness hadn't worn off.

I had a friend that actually began couponing back in the day when it was a big deal. He and a friend would spend hours finding coupons and then redeeming them. It made them happy and it made us laugh. It was fun for them.

Now I regret not asking, "Are you having fun?" How YOU have fun is all that matters.

So remember please
  • Laugh
  • Have fun
  • Socialize
  • Talk
  • Learn new things
  • Travel a little
  • Try something new
  • Set a goal
  • Make life an adventure.
Have a wonderful day. What is your answer to "The Big Question?"


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