Saturday, December 7, 2019

Humor: How to Buy a Wine Refrigerator

I am so gullible and literal...really. I will fall for your line in a nanosecond. Just tell me the moon is made of green cheese and I will believe you. I can prove it!

My husband and I have been married for a gagzillion years so the husband knows me. (period)

Last week he mentioned that the Rehab Store had wine refrigerators for sale for only $80...almost free considering how much a wine fridge would normally cost. I was so excited...of course, I said, we should go and take a look.

Time passed.

Day before yesterday he called to me and ask me if I was ready to go...go where? I asked.

We need to to return the stuff to the Lobby Polly (Hobby Lobby) Store he said.

It was a beautiful day and I do like the Hobby Lobby a lot. I visualized looking around a little you know! He followed me into the store and stood by the front entrance waiting being careful to to appear in a hurry to leave.

We left!

Would you like to have lunch? he asked. 

Well I never turn down lunch. Downtown? Oh my goodness. I love going downtown. I was so pleased. Lunch for no reason. WOW! And I love to wander around and see what new. That sounded so delicious to me.

He was in such a good mood I should have been suspicious.

We ate and walked directly to the car...he might have sorta had his hand on my elbow. Yes I think he did. There was to be no wandering or looking today. Sigh. But still I really didn't mind.

Then a Mystery Drive north of downtown began to made me feel insecure. We live on the other side of the city.

What was going on and where were we going? My husband is not a good listener nor can he hear above the car noise. His life is perfect and this is not the first Mystery Ride I have been on. You would think I would figure it out.

As we turned into the Rehab Store my husband took some blinds out of the back to donate and asked if I wanted to go inside...oh, I thought, we are donating stuff and that is why we are here.

Of course, I bit!

In I went and he donated the blinds. We walked around the store together and I was having fun.  As we were ready to leave he took a abrupt left turn and I found us standing in front of those little "wine" fridges.

I bit...they really were cheap. I scanned inside the little black box and still was fooled. I suppose some wine coolers don't have a window...or even any room for some wine. Why didn't I see that there was no place for wine nor would it ever hold a single bottle at the perfect temperature....never?

I am such a sucker...honestly people, I am a nice person and I would have wanted my husband to have a non-wine fridge. What ticks me off is he gets so much joy out of fooling me. *$^&

He is very happy...oh, and I will have my wine refrigerator you know...I will just be more direct about it! For me it is more fun to get my way than to fool  my husband.

Does your spouse play games with you?

Have a wonderful day.



  1. So what you ended up with a dorm size fridge? We have the one we bought our daughter freshman year (she's now 36, in the basement and it holds my husband's beer. AND I can keep one large bottle of what I call my house wine. Pinot Grigio. It's on it's side. I keep one in the fridge upright upstairs and when it's empty I grab the one from the dorm fridge and put one from the pantry shelf in it's place. Rotating my stock, lol. No my hubby doesn't play tricks on me, thankfully. I wouldn't be a happy camper. We're both pretty straight forward people. Good luck with buying your wine fridge. Do you primarily drink white or red? Going to add you to my blog log.

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