Saturday, December 14, 2019

Thoughts on "Cabin Fever"

Cabin the Woods
A post just in time for snow and cold and being inside all of the time...when you are retired and trapped in your house with your spouse, things can get a little ugly. The beauty of the whole thing is that even the caveman was troubled by too much cavewoman. Being trapped in a cave must have been torture.

My parents were perfectly matched and adored each other. I remember them hugging each other in the kitchen. But when the weather got bad, my mother did something I had really never heard her do before...she complained about my dad.

I was a grown woman with children of my own when she called in mid-January. She was very upset and I could hear it in her voice. I never did know what was wrong but I did ask her if they were suffering from "cabin fever". I remember laughing with her as she admitted that being cooped up even with the man of your dreams can make one really cranky.

My husband and I are back in Oregon, the skies are gray and it rains a lot. Hopefully we will make it through the month of December and the first week of January without things getting ugly. Wish me well. "Cabin fever" can be hard on the mind and soul.

Do you have "cabin fever"?



  1. OMG, Barbara, I love this! Let me count the ways!


    1. I knew you would understand! Honestly, I just feel like hurting him sometimes. Sigh. (and the truth is he feels the same way about me.)


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