Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Art of Giving: Are you good at receiving gifts?

The last post was about the Fish Monger's Wife...not beautiful and never content with her lot. She is nagging continually because no matter what, her life is not perfect. It is very hard for her.

I suppose we are one of those is some small way. It is a hard lesson to learn, the one of being content with our lot in life. I for one am so very happy with my lot but discontentment can creep up on me in the night.

While preparing a lesson for a group I belonged to when I was a young woman, I learned the path to doing away with discontentment. It was one taught by Norman Vincent Peale. His push for positive living included prayer for those we are angry at and gifts for those that we from which we want gifts. By wishing good things for people we are discontented with we are gifted with happiness for ourselves.

So, that is where the Art of Giving comes into play. It seems to me that giving gifts returns much more to the giver than it does to the recipient. After all, it is a guess as to what people want isn't it. Haven't we all had a friend whisper in our ear about a gift they didn't want or need. The perfect gift can require the perfect receiver of the gift.

I was raised as an only child and my beautiful husband continues to spoil me to this very day. Day after tomorrow is his birthday and I would like to give him the perfect gift but he is not good at leaving clues about what that gift might be so I have no idea. I suppose he buys what he wants.

Today I bought him gifts...boxer shorts and some clothes. Perfect? Probably not but it made me happy to shop for him so there is that. I like to give gifts and it makes me happy.

How do you go about buying gifts? I hope you at least make yourself happy.

Have a wonderful day.


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