Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Year of "UNFORESEEN"

The unforeseen Oregon fires
very near to our world!

I have tomorrow on my mind. Are you depressed today and maybe what might happen tomorrow?

We spend a lot of our time thinking about what might be in relationship to what has already happened. In 2020 we have endured a lot and for many people that seem to have a perfectly wonderful life a cloud had descended over the world and most don't know what to do.

Depression is inexplicable...what is that feeling that hangs over ones whole life for no reason that anyone can understand. I don't know...for women it can be a stage in life or chemical imbalance or even a genetic fault of some kind. I am sorry to say but the fact is knowing why does not make it better.

However, there are medication that can be taken if the cause is perpetually present and not a change in lifestyle or damage that can be repaired. I told a doctor many years ago that we all have unforeseen problems. This year of 2020 is the perfect example don't you think? For the unforeseen things, it is not if but the end, it is how we deal with those issues that matters. Medication can help a person emerge and eventually feel okay.

We may define this year as the "unforeseen" year. 

I am at the place where I do not allow people to tell me what has gone wrong for them this year because somewhere inside of my head I think it might be contagious! Not true but still, it might be.

So, what about tomorrow? I have come to believe that a bright tomorrow is about the little things to we look forward to.

In my case, it is my cup of bed in the morning. It is about getting to read before bed at night. It is about a new book or a wonderful TV show. It is about talking to my family. I look forward to all of those things and a tiny bit of joy leaps into my heart when I simply look forward.

So, when you lay your head on your pillow tonight, remember, it is the small things that make the difference. Keep a list of the good things. They will get you through!


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