Friday, December 4, 2020

Has Anyone Died in that House?

When I read the news and see something that seems just wonky, I always wonder, "Can they really do that...can that be true?" Don't you do the same?

But when it comes to our real life, the thought very seldom enters my mind that I might not be allowed...I think I can do what I want as long as it is legal.

See, I do know that many people of our age have their lives taken over by their children. Maybe not legally but emotionally. Control over us is very possible. In many cases, it is not a choice for the children.

So here is where my husband and ages 79 and almost 83... does not seem questionable. What I love about our family is that they will be calling us for help on the day we die...Mom would you watch the kids? Mom I need help cleaning...can you come? and the list goes on. They are excited for us and the extra bedrooms they can have when they visit. They are what keeps my husband and I healthy and, best of all, happy.

As for the move, it has been about 9 years since we have dealt with a mortgage company or negotiated the price on a house. And we have never done that thing in Arizona. Arizona is a different world. Not in a bad way...just different. 

Town House Living room.

We have e-signed documents, listened to real estate agent's disclaimers and visited a mortgage banker. I don't know that I would say it has been fun but it has been a learning curve. We have read a 40 something inspection report on our "new" house and filled out the disclosure form for the townhouse we are selling:

  • Does the roof leak or has it leaked in the last 5ish years? 
  • Have your had a fire (not in the fireplace) lately? 
  • And best of all, "Has anyone died in the house?"

Has anyone died in this house! Now they have me wondering. Are the buyers scared off by old people dying or is it all about murder and mayhem? I don't know. I wish I had been in the room when someone decided to add that to a real estate contract. The conversation must have been interesting don't you think?

So...the world keeps on turning. Our whole family is spread to the winds for this Christmas but we are all fine. We are relatively happy I think and everyone is too busy to tend to each other's business. That is a good thing.

Thanksgiving Tabel.

There was Thanksgiving dinner on our deck with traditions observed. Our friends came and joined us. I prayed that God would bless Kenny's new shirt and that the food would not make anyone ill. We don't need much and never have. 

But change is good...and we continue to seek new adventures. What have you been doing?

Oh, and to our knowledge, no one has died IN THIS HOUSE! Not yet.


Merry Christmas 
from our house to yours!

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