Tuesday, November 17, 2020

What do you recommend? Books, Exercise Programs and Opinions

First of all, I need to tell you that I am in "password" hell. ( I debated if I should put that word in...it is the only one that fits) I am very good at making new ones up and then immediately forgetting them. I need help to simplify my life.

Any ideas?

A very young me...I had opinions even back then.

Since I love to read and had surgery on my eyelids so I could actually do that, I go through books at the speed of light. 

Any suggestions?

Last spring a friends suggest...no insisted that I begin exercising. I began and have continued through out the summer using Grow Young Fitness. It is wonderful and I will probably keep it up. But it costs me $30 a month. 

What do you suggest for someone that does not want to or can't afford that much?

My family often says out-loud that I have a lot of opinions. For example, I am not in favor of "abortions of convenience". I do, however, think that every woman should have birth control available to them at very little or no cost.

Do you have an opinion that you would like to share?

Let me know...!


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