Friday, March 12, 2021

Snow Bird Lifestyle at it's Best...Arizona!

Living Room

Honestly, after all these years I feel like a native here in Tucson while I know I am a native Oregonian.  Oregon is full of family and a neighborhood that is close and supportive. Arizona winters are all about another set of friends, golf and restoring old houses. (We are only on our 2nd house so that is something new. We live in them so the restoration fills our days.) When we're here, we miss there and when we're there, we miss here..

The home we own in Arizona is bigger (4 bedrooms) than the one we own in Oregon for a reason. Now we can actually have family visit and everyone can have their own space. They live near us in Oregon. It is turning out to be perfect.

Our home is located on the 5th green at a golf course called Rolling Hills. It is a beautiful Santa Fe style home that is 50 years old. We are cleaning up the yard and the interior. We still need to replace bathroom sinks but they function. It is not perfect but it works beautifully.

Family Room
So the question that is in my mind now is 'Should we make the Arizona home a summer Airbnb? The idea seems so appealing to me. Should we set up that process? May, June and September are wonderful hot summer months with cheap golfing on world class courses. What do you think?

Do you know anything about how that works? I want to hear from you...links, personal thoughts, etc. 

Thank you for is just a thought! Have a beautiful day!



  1. Our son-in-law's parents purchased a winter home in Phoenix area. They rent it out during off months. They hired a property manager to handle details on their behalf. It seemed to work well. Now, two of their three kids moved there, too, so they spend quite a bit more time there than previously. The rental availability time is considerably less. I say, go for it, though! Just make sure you lock away certain possessions that you would rather not share with strangers.

    1. Perfect. We are checking into it. Thank you so much.


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