Monday, July 25, 2022

The Back Corner for Poetry Monday

In the end the burial plot was not

what she had expected.

I guess she was not sweet

and kind.

The shot gun she protected 

her child and land with

stood in the corner of the kitchen


Grandpa had been taken

to a safer place they said

so when she died

the place she was to be buried

had already been taken.

You will find her in the back


I think she was happier

there anyway.

True story. 



  1. Wow, Barbara! This is amazing. And so much said in so few words!

  2. This was a very long time ago when Oregon was being settled. Near Canyonville, Oregon my family settled and were the first family ever married there. My husband found the information from a distant relative that did genealogy. I just thought Wow! Grandma, you must have been a feisty girl!


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