Thursday, July 28, 2022

No One Honked Their Horn!

My granddaughter is learning to drive! She had signs all over her car, STUDENT DRIVER  they say and her mother sits in the front seat monitoring her every far. I did hear that her dad took her out the other day so that is different. We will see.

I have been relearning to drive. I do not have any signs on my car...where do you buy those "Old Woman at the Wheel" signs? Sigh!

Now I have a new goal for a successful day. When I told my granddaughter that I measured a successful day by how many people honked at me when I drove, she said that was because I didn't have any signs on my car. No honks was considered a huge success. No one honked at her.

Let me explain. My husband had done most of the driving forever. He hated it when I drove and in his last days of life, he let me know it. He didn't like that I was not coasting up to the stop sign or red light, etc. I had to drive so he had to get over it.

Now here is the deal, not driving leads to gawking and dreaming and surfing the net. When I stopped riding and had to drive, I realized the when you drive, you need to pay attention ALL OF THE TIME! It was hard. 

I am getting better.

The measure of a successful day is not huge for me. My life is now about making myself happy...well there are other things but in the end, in my spare time, I just make myself happy.

What is your measure of a successful day?



  1. A no-honk day? I love this way of measuring!
    My Husby, too, likes to be the one driving. He's always been a very good driver. Now he's starting to miss things. It's a little scary. But when I try to make a suggestion, he isn't happy. Sigh. Here in Canada, there isn't a lot of honking, so I'm most happy when we get through a drive with no one lifting their hands in a 'what the heck?' gesture.
    Well done, Barbara! Keep driving!

  2. Of course, I will keep driving until…now I am wondering wha will be the final straw? Sigh.

  3. Dear Barbara, for me, right now, the measure of a successful day is whether or not I worked on the memoir that keeps eluding me. As to driving: I had to give up driving in 2016, at the age of 80, because of Glaucoma and its narrowing of my field of vision. Peace from Dee Ready


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