Sunday, January 24, 2010

BEST Valentine Gift Book for Girls....EVER!!!! Fancy Nancy


Okay grandma and grandpa...listen up.  I just found the cutest books for little girls I have ever seen.  Fancy Nancy is a line of books written by Jane O'Connor.  She has managed to capture playing dress-up at its very best.  The books are  not only fun to read but they are an absolute feast for the eyes.  Nancy is a fancy girl...she loves bling and wants everyone else to gave as much fun as she does.  There are activity books,  Fancy Nancy's Tea Parties, sticker books and the list goes on. Nancy even loves fancy words and Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany is a real winner!  Check it out because this is the best Valentine's gift ever for your granddaughters!

Amazon even has the dolls.   A group of girls around the age of 10 walked by just as I was entering the toy aisle in a local big box store.  One girl commented "Cute Doll".  When I looked it was a Fancy Nancy doll.  I thought they were as cute as American Girl and at around $36.00,  a lot more affordable! 

These books and dolls would be good for little girls from aged 2 until they outgrow playing dress up.  That depends on your grandchild.

Now you know what my granddaughters will get for Valentine's Day.  SHHHHHH...please don't tell.

p.s.  I paid full price for these books at a big box store.  I always regret it when I check with the Amazon book seller. Grandparents need to be careful with their dimes! Sigh!
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