Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Perfect Dripless Candle (Trader Joe's) ++ more!

March 2013 update:  I am told that these candle are available during certain time of the year when candles are more popular. I think Christmas may be one of those time of year.  Ask about them at your local Trader Joes.

Retirement Thoughts

It's Thursday...finding things to do on Thursday can be really hard!  Like a child on summer vacation when the weather is cold and windy, Mom and Dad are at work and you are at loss ends, Thursday can be hard.  That is what retirement is like.  Thankfully we are old enough to read and make soup!  Sigh!  The photo above was taken yesterday after a cleansing 1/2 inch of rain.  Today the mountains are black and the wind is howling. 

Perfect Candles
I have a wonderful product for center pieces when you are entertaining.  It is candle season in the northern hemisphere and candle season everywhere in the world.  Candles can warm a dark room, provide light when the power goes out and even get rid of the smell of cabbage cooking!  I have probably bought enough candles in my lifetime to fill a semi-truck.  Finally, I have found the perfect affordable solution to the dripping messy taper dilemma.   Trader Joe's carries a wonderful product called Eight Candles.   I doubted their claim to be a dripless and self-extinguishing candle.  You know what...they really are.  I used them for a party of 60 last week and placed them on rented table clothes.  They burned for the whole evening without a sign of a drip.  (Trader Joe's says they will last 6-7 hours.) The wick is treated with a non-flammable solution that makes self-extinguishing possible.  I bought several packages and paid a little over $3.00 per package of eight including taxes.  I love them.


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  1. The Trader Joes St. Paul store told me they don't stock these wonderful candles anymore because they (the candles) weren't selling well. I drove 20 miles round trip yesterday with the express intention of stocking up on the candles prior to Thanksgiving and was very disappointed not to find them in the store anymore. I then wrote to the company via the website and received a reply that there are no plans in place to to reinstate them in the store. We loved these candles and they graced our dining room table for over twenty years. I think they should have made more of a marketing pitch before simply discontinuing them altogether.

  2. Like you, I am crushed that Trader Joe's no longer carries these wonderful candles. I have gone so far as to look online for Czech candle manufacturers since they were made in the Czech Republic, but so far have not found these candles, the best (and most economical)I have ever used. It's really a shame that Trader Joe's makes a habit of disappointing customers this way.

  3. I have not seen those great Trader Joe's candles in over a year here in the Northeast US. The tapers we used to buy were made in Denmark and distributed to Trader Joe's by Danlux. The distributor address is:
    Hedevej 13 Logumkloster Denmark

    If their is current US source for these candles, please post it here!

  4. Trader Joe's Danish Candles are by far the very best, economical, and most important, safe candles for everyday use. I had a huge stach and now you can't find anything like them. They truly were dripless and self extinguishing. Sure would like to see them back.

  5. We love those Candles and it is the most economic candles you can find ever.
    It is very very disappointing that they stopped selling those Candles.
    If there a way to get them back Pleeeeeeeeeeeease let me know

  6. If Trader Joes only knew that this post on my blog continues to get readers after 3 years. The candles were a necessity on special occasions for many of us.


  7. Add me to the list of...I WAS SHOCKED TO HEAR YOU NO LONGER SOLD THE DRIPPLESS & SELF-EXTINGUISHING CANDLES. I have used them even as the country of origin changed along the way. They have graced my coffee table and hearth for over twenty years. I live on the west coast and need more of these perfect candles that cannot be found anywhere else. I repeat the word someone wrote "PLEEEEEEEEEASE" bring them back.

  8. Love the candles, please have them for Easter 2017


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