Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Retire in Style...COOL!!! Hearing Aids and Skinny Necks!!!!

Cool Hearing Aids 
These are called Vibe and are being sold by Seimens.  Take a look at these!

Who knew???

I am always amazed at what I find when I begin searching around on the web.  I live part of each year in a 55+ RV park.  Hearing aids are just a part of survival around here.  We all sport plastic gadgets behind our ears with another ugly gadget inside our ear.  UGH!!!  These devices just scream I am oldoldoldoldold!!!  Because of the wonderful boomer generation coming down the pike, we are seeing wonderful style choices that we have never seen before.  Hearing aids are only the tip of the iceberg.

Neckline Slimmer! 
Below pictures of Carole before and after.

Have you seen the Neck Slimmer ad?   (Compare this link with the Amazon ad above.  I was amazed at the difference in price.)  The first time I saw it introduced on TV several month ago I was so tempted to buy one.  But I passed it up in favor of trying to do some exercises myself.  Today I was talking to a friend.  She was on the way to the gym and I commented on how slim her face looked...had she lost weight?  Not at all...she claims to be heavier than she has ever been.  How did her face look so slim?  Well, she bought the Neckline Slimmer device last summer and has used it faithfully ever since.  WOW!!!

How do I look?

No matter how old or young we are we worry about our personal appearance...in fact I really do believe that our health is in some way related to our self image and if we feel good about ourselves we are healthier.

Just a thought!

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  1. I am the poster child for getting those hearing aids. You don't know what you aren't hearing because ... DUH ... you can't hear it. Because I led the way two years ago, three of my older aunties now have hearing aids, too. It is GREAT to see the beautiful stylish versions coming our way. BOOMERS RULE, LEAD, and SPEAK OUT as we always have. Don't let yourself become isolated. GET HEARING DEVICES!!!

  2. I just could not believe how beautiful these are. Thank you for the comment Norah!


  3. I should be a poster child for the "Neck-line Slimmer, IT WORKS! I use it daily and will continue to use it for the rest of my life.

    I go into old age kicking and screaming and with true bravery. To age "Gracfully" is not a part of my vocabulary and I most defiantly refuse to be "OLD.

    Thanks for the great pictures, Carole

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  5. I find them so cool. Never really thought about the innovation of hearing aids.
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    Keep Posting:)


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