Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 (actually 11) Great Graduation Gifts for Young Men in 2011... even better than money!

My daughter pointed out to me that "money" may be easy but it doesn't show how much you really care.  I suppose that is true.  Money is easy and buying the perfect gift isn't. If I do go shopping,  I must care a lot to even try to find a gift another person will actually love. I think the male high school graduate is probably the most difficult of all.

This is the plan that I use. I find out what the giftee likes or plans to do.  Will they bum around, go to college, get a job, move away from home, join the military or are they undecided?  Then I will need to put myself in their shoes and select what I hope they will like. I always include a gift receipt so they can return the gift if someone else has the same brilliant idea.

New Designs from Splendid Vinyl
Loved this fork cable organizer from
Apartment Therapy
When I created the list below I have assumed that the graduate is getting a computer or has one. I am also assuming that they will go on to college or technical school. I am assuming the high school graduate is a young man.

Graduation Gift for the Young Man (High School)
  1. The perfect backpack/computer case. There are so many beautiful examples anymore I don't even know where to start. REI has some very cool techy ideas for backpack.
  2. A vinyl decal to protect a laptop computer.
  3. A cappuccino maker for the dorm room or apartment. 
  4. A Starbucks Card loaded for bear!
  5. Lego Architecture set...just because they look cool and guys like them.
  6. Luggage/travel accessories.  This old standby needs to be updated though.  Cool carry on or duffel bags with wheels and trendy details could be perfect.
  7. Computer drives, cables, cable organizers (Ikea under $10)
  8. Kindle reader.  Some textbooks will be down loadable on the e-reader devices.
  9. Dorm room accessories...a great pillow or logo stadium blanket.
  10. Noise Canceling Headphones.
  11. Make that 11 great gifts.  Have you seen the gorilla tripod for the iphone!
    I am hoping I can use serveral of these idea as a gifts for my grandson.  He will be graduating next weekend.  We are all very excited.

    Have a wonderful week!

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