Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sagging underarm problems??? Shopping for the look!

     I am sorry for me and all others like me...I have bat-wings!  Really, this is not a cool thing.  In case you didn't know, those flabs that hang down under your arms as you grow older are not attractive.  The trick is to cover them up still feel cool and relaxed in the summer heat...or at least appear to feel cool and relaxed.  There is nothing worse that sweating in public!  Yuck!  So what do we do?
Image from Macy's
     I was doing some research for an article on cardigans last week and discovered the beautiful waterfall or shawl design so many women are wearing now.  The front falls loosely in gentle folds.  These sweaters are lovely in a very sheer fabrics.  Worn with a camisole or a tank top they can be the perfect addition to the antibat-wing wardrobe.  The one shown is from the Macy's online web page.  I love the sleeves.
     A sheer white blouse with a sleeveless tee underneath is a look that gives the illusion that we could show our arms if we wanted to.  I loved one from Ann Taylor made out of silk with a contrasting lapel.  A black dressy tee underneath with be gorgeous.  It can be found on the Ann Taylor website under blouses and tops. (Sorry no image available)
Image from Nordstroms
     The TrouvĂ© Shirred Sleeve Silk Top from Nordstroms is the perfect cut to disguise those sagging underarms and still let a little arm show.  The asymmetric hem is very stylish.  It is just sheer enough to show off a lace camisole or soft printed tank top.
     Chico's is always a good go-to source for flattering clothes designed for the FAB/50 woman.  They cater to those of us that have special needs as we age.  They understand women of a certain age love beautiful clothes!  I like that.
     Thank you Fab over Fifty for the inspiration to write this article and do a little online shopping for all of you.


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