Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts: The most unusual?

We are shopping for a king sized bed today. It seems that there may not be room enough for both of us in a queen. We thought we would try a king before one of us moved to the guest bedroom...and I don't see that happening. My husband and I still like each other a lot!

Winery Mother's Day

If we buy a mattress, I am sure my husband will tell me it is my Mother's Day gift. Unusual? Well not really.  I have gotten some really unusual gifts....wonderful but unusual.  One year I was gifted with a fence for our patio in our little starter house. The wind blew in that community a lot. My husband thought the fence would help. It later held a basketball hoop for my oldest son and scarlet runner beans were climbing up on the other side.

Several years later I wanted  a clothesline. My husband was a busy man and I usually caught him between projects. That year my husband installed an umbrella model clothesline behind the fence and went off to work on a baseball field he was helping build. I washed and hung out my clothes on Mother's Day.  I don't remember being unhappy with the gift.

I have also gotten earrings, rings, night gowns, blouses, a necklace or two and I might have even gotten a lawn mower. I'm not sure about that one. I don't remember much about those gifts...not like the clothes lines or the fence. We have laughed a lot about it. 

Over the years I have gotten a couple of other clothes lines but the king sized bed may be the best gift yet. I just hope we can pull it off.

Happy Mother's Day!


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