Monday, May 13, 2013

The New York Times Says I Am Cool!

If it says it in the Times, it must be so. That is why those of us that are getting old know we are very cool indeed. In fact, those of us that are older than the boomers are getting cooler all the time! 
The Third Way of Getting Old

The article in the Time's Sunday Magazine Riff section is where I found this piece of insight. Ari Seth Cohen's book and blog called Advanced Style (Amazon link) was the catalyst for the article.  MIREILLE SILCOFF wrote Why Your Grandpa Is Cooler Than You  telling all those baby boomers that, when push comes to shove, their parents are much cooler than they are. 
  1. She pointed out that there are three ways of growing old. You can dance the Zumba and jump out of airplanes.  
  2. You can be "nursing-home old. This is prunes-for-breakfast old. This is “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” old.NYT, April 26, 2013".  
  3. Or you can take the third route the Cohen's book talks about...the one where you can live to be very old and still be vibrant,beautiful and mentally sharp.
Very old is just around the corner for me. I have been an Advance Style follower for many years. This blog was even mention there one time a long time ago. Seeing the article in the Times only reinforces what I have always believed. Aging is really all in how you see it.

I encourage you to visit Ari Cohen's blog, take a look at his book on Amazon and best of all, read the article in the Times. If you are even close to my age, you will smile a little.  I know I did.  Life is good indeed.


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