Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to Get the Most Out of a Remodel or When will we be done?

The floor is now up to the level
of the bottom of this small door.
The wood paneling hid more metal siding.
First of all you need to know that we live in a very small space during the winter months. We own a park model in an RV resort. The park model is 12 feet wide and about 36 feet long. It also has an Arizona room attached. It is only 7'9" wide and about 16' long. We are restoring that old Arizona room this winter. We have raised the floor to park model height, torn down warped paneling and removed the park model exterior siding and exposed the studs so we could attach bead board.

The "room" had become our virtual basement and things we did not want or couldn't decide if we wanted went there to live. I cleaned it about once a season, ironed occasionally and generally ignored the fact that it existed.

Then one day about a month ago my husband gave in to my nagging and we began the job of making the room livable. We bought lumber, had it delivered and he started the job assuring me that I would not need to leave the main part of the house. He would do it all!

I would wander in several time a day as the project began and one day I said that I wished that I could do what he was doing. It just looked like fun to me. I must have sounded so pathetic so he let me help as much as I could. My husband encouraged me to use the electric screwdriver and even a hammer. I followed him around like a faithful dog picking up wood, handing him hammers and giving my silly advice. It was so much fun. I felt like I was a kid again.

On that first day I remember feeling absolutely drained and when I looked at the clock it was 2:30 in the afternoon, I asked if we could quit. My husband either did not hear me or chose to ignore the plea. So I drank a glass of water and kept on moving until it was too dark to work anymore. Now we have been at it for over 3 weeks.

I have discovered that my talent does not lie in measuring or even nailing but give me a crow bar and a bunch of stuff to tear down and I am just dynamite. I don't know how that speaks to my finesse or creativity but I suppose it is all part of the process. So now we are in the final stages, trim work is being put up and I am going back to Home Depot to buy another gallon of paint. I do love paint a lot.
All the metal siding has been removed...I loved that part!

It is almost over I think but then I thought it was "almost over" three weeks ago so don't quote me. When I asked my husband when we would be done he got that hopeful look on his face. I think he was wishing I would be ready to quit long before the project was complete. Poor man...he is just such an optimist. I will keep you post and I may even get a picture or two up for you to see.

By the way, this is just an update on the blog post How to Feel Younger in a Week. I really am much strong and I think my worth has increased in my husband's eyes. You should give something like this a might like it a lot.



  1. Your talent -- it's called creative destruction!

  2. A man came to our place today and tore out the bathtub. There's a remodel going on but we are letting someone else do it. I don't trust myself or Art to do it!


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