Tuesday, June 7, 2016

If all else fails, read the directions!

You need to know two things about me:
  1. I think I am pretty good with technology.
  2. I am a bottom line kind of person. (I have heard that is a quality of a Scorpio...who knows but the stars may be to blame.)
Today I discovered that things work out better if I just do what I do without listening to anyone else. I learned at my father's knee that one should never read the instruction unless all else fails! Skip to the bottom line and just do it he said. Strange but true.

Here is what happened:

My husband and I bought a second car yesterday and the salesman was trying to showing us all the cool stuff it would do. Finally he arrived at pairing our phones to the car. He had lessons so I figured he would know what to do. But no matter what he did, it just did not work. I was sure I could do it in a flash so I tried and failed. Then my husband tried and failed. Now I don't know what their problem was but I knew couldn't have possible been me! It had to be the car or the phone.

All else had failed so I read the directions carefully, looked up the number of the tech person at Apple and Mini and returned to the car. I reread the printed instructions (kind of, because I am good with tech stuff you know) and tried again...5 times. Evidently even reading the direction if all else fails does not work. Still no luck. Now I was sure it was not my fault.

I made a cup of coffee, played on the computer and returned to the car. I turned on the car and the phone and scrolled ALL THE WAY TO THE "BOTTOM LINE" on the screen on the dash of the car. No reading just scrolling. That was when I saw the very important last word...OK.

And you guessed it...all I really needed to do was click OK once. ( Really, I am pretty sure there was nothing in the instruction about clicking "OK".)

So Daddy, if you're up there listening, I am going to do what you taught me the next time. I am going to skip to the "bottom line". Directions be hanged!

Thank you for reading.



  1. I have missed that "OK" multiple times myself. LOL!

  2. How fun this was to read, though frustrating at the time for you. The little button that says "OK" and also the button that says "Save" as in save changes are uber important. I am glad you found the OK button. The same thing has happened to me.

    1. Oh and misery does love company doesn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed...that was my goal!

  3. I'm a retired IT Engineer so I am supposed to know all this stuff but sometimes I get stuck too and have to resort to the instructions (ha). Funny story Barb, that trait is another thing we have in common. That and being stubborn Scorpios I guess. Have a good day, I am off on one of my overnight mini-RV trips now...

    1. I miss our mini RV. I am thinking seriously of buying us tent, mattress and sleeping bags. Hove fun!

  4. That was fun, realizing that it was just an easy fix, but first you had to know what to do! Good on you for figuring it out. :-)

    1. Life is such a puzzling adventure. I suppose this was just symbolic for what each day holds. Thank you for stopping by Jan.


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