Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Long Can You Stay Pregnant?

One of my grandchildren, the 8 year old, was talking about that time he was being built in his mommy's tummy. How long do you suppose it took to build that little boy? Was it only 9 months because it sure seemed like a lot longer than that to me.

Early July...arrow pointing at the baby being built is her tummy!
The eight year old is the little guy with the broken arm.
My dear granddaughter is in the last weeks of her pregnancy which I feel like may have gone on for 3 years already. That poor dear child has suffered from morning sickness for all of that time and she is not consoled when someone tells her that morning sickness makes for a healthy baby. She is not buying it right now.

As for me I am wondering how long it takes...come one baby, we want to meet you. Don't be shy. It will be okay.

See here is the thing for those of us that came from a time when we did not know that we were pregnant officially until a rabbit died or a doctor could feel something growing in the womb, knowing for this long is very hard. We were usually "officially" pregnant for 6 months not 9 or more months.

Now within a couple of days or a week or so, a woman can pee on a test stick and know that she is pregnant and so do those of us that are waiting with her. Hence the feeling that she has been pregnant for 3 years! Oh my gosh!

So, when the granddaughter posted on facebook last week that her baby had been given an eviction notice, I cheered with her. Early babies are not good but when a baby has been being built for 3 years, I think that is quite enough.

I am still wondering, "How long can you stay pregnant?"

I am sure all of you moms out there can tell a story of your own!



  1. Well, as I recall, for me it was six very short months and one extremely long month! I decided that miserable ninth month was so you would really look forward to childbirth.

    1. I think you are right. I went over for 3 weeks with my 1st...I was so glad to give birth. Yikes!

  2. Good Evening Barbara, My word, when I was pregnant with my second daughter, in the eighth month my doctor told me I must go and relax in the swimming pool to take the weight of my feet. I am only 5' 2" and I gave birth to my lovely daughter of 10lb. She is now 5'10..... I don't know how I managed to produce such a tall daughter. Maybe it was all those extra weeks she stayed warm and cosy inside me.... she didn't want to leave me.
    Not much longer and your granddaughter will have a new baby in her arms.
    Best wishes

    1. She is in the hospital now and they are inducing her. We are sending positive thoughts her way.

  3. I'm a dad, not a mom, but I can still say Congrats! and best of luck to both mom and baby ... and grandma too!

    1. Grandma received text messages all night long...I did so appreciate my daughter-in-law keeping me posted. The funny thing though was that my son in Dubai started a chat with my daughter here in Oregon at 6:30 am. Even though I was sleeping at the time I was on alert because of the baby...I loved watching them talk. Good night all in all although not very much sleep.

  4. I do hope it all turns out well! My thoughts are with her as she goes through this experience of a lifetime. I can still remember the birth of both my children. The only thing I've forgotten is how much it hurt at the time. :-)


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