Thursday, November 30, 2017

35 Steps to a Perfect....

I wish I could assure you that in only 35 steps you could be made perfect or your world made awesome. I could sell those 35 steps in a notebook for just a little and, if it turned out I was right, I would have enough to share some with you. WOW!

However, in my world those 35 steps re-enforces my belief that my husband can do anything.

We ordered a small desk for my computer for 15% off on black Friday. Yesterday it was delivered in a very flat box with instructions for assembly. Somehow we didn't think this through and hadn't counted on a flat box. We don't think the ad said "some assembly required" We could be wrong.

So today...all husband took on the 35 steps and a gajillion small screws, bolts and nails to assemble my prize. When I came home at around 2 pm he had been at the task for several hours. He was on step 24. It is now 5:47 pm and I am just now set up to write again


I do love that man!

What did you do today?


PS I had a wonderful day of golfing with friends! :)


  1. Every time we attempt some small task that will only take fifteen minutes, it turns into a day-long (or at least hours) ordeal and often several trips to the hardware store. I also ordered furniture last week - a bed for the guest room. I already know it is going to be tough: one box arrived one day, a second box arrived two days later, and we are still waiting for the third. Golfing? I wouldn't dare leave Andy to assemble it on his own!

    1. I left on was so much fun to anticipate how it was going. He is a very good husband so we laugh a lot. We are a ship of fools together. :)


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