Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Find Christmas

Finding Christmas can be a very hard thing when you get...older. I remember one of my children’s friend experiencing that first time that he was asked what he wanted for his birthday and went shopping with his parents to get his hearts desire. It wasn’t until his birthday arrived that he realized that he knew what was in the package. There wasn’t going to be any surprise or anticipation. His thoughts were "Oh my gosh, are all the rest of my birthdays going to be like this?" That is what it is like when you get to be older.

We are now almost falling into the "very old" category. We do not need anything and in many cases ask that there be no presents. Then, like my son’s friend, we hate to think that all the rest of our Christmas’s will be like that. No surprises, no gifts...just another day. 

So, our family has taken up making Christmas about what Christmas should be about. Family, friends, children, beautiful lights and...yes indeed, presents for each other. We will play games, laugh and watch the children open their gifts and the adults will regift one gift to each other.

Finding Christmas will be fun this year. We are at home with our family and EVERYONE will be gathered together for a while. Wonderful!

Merry Christmas to you all. May your stocking be full of joy and happiness.


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